09 November, 2005

Flock Browser.

I have been playing around with Flock and it is looks like it will be a really good browser. It is still in the development stage but you can download it and try it out for yourself. One of the cool things I found is you can save and tag your favorites and they are saved online at http://del.icio.us/ you can access them from anywhere and they are no longer married to your browser on your machine. Also anyone with an account from del.icio.us can view your favorites.

With the intergrated blog editor you can update your blog(does not work with all blogging platmforms) from the browser. Also the blog editor has a Flickr toolbar so you can access your photos on your flickr account right from the blog editor. Below is a screen shot of the blog editor with the Flickr toolbar:

Flickr Photo

You should check out their list, 13 things you can do with Flock (and how to do them)

here is #11 from their list:

#Blog This!
You can easily blog interesting web content with Flock, in just a few clicks.


1. Highlight a passage on a web page that you would like to blog about.
2. Right-click that selection and choose Blog This.
3. The blog editor opens with that selection already inserted. Not only that, the selection is properly formatted as a Blockquote and appropriate citation is included.

Other ways to Blog This:

1. Open the View menu and choose Topbars and then Blog Topbar.
2. Highlight a text passage and drag it to the box labeled "Drag stuff to blog it!"

Or you can use the Shelf (see The Shelf, below).

07 November, 2005

CBS and NBC offer shows 'on demand' - MSN Money

I guess this is not good for us TiVO users. If these Big Media Coporations can get money off of a service similiar to TiVO then I believe this is the begining of the end for personal DVRs.

CBS and NBC offer shows 'on demand' - MSN Money: "

Two US broadcasters, CBS and NBC Universal, have signed deals with cable and satellite operators to make top-rated television shows available for 'on demand' viewing within hours of being aired. The shows, which ...
NBC Universal and DIRECTV Announce First Ever On Demand Deal for ...

04 November, 2005


there should be tax breaks and other kinds of incentives to get people to buy Hybrids. also the motor companies need to market them more, I think every company has one now, but you never hear about them. toyota is about all I ever hear about or see ads for. we tried to get a prius last year when sarah started working in new orleans, but it was near impossible since the dealership only had like 2 at a time and they would be sold before the ever got to the lot. sarah could not wait since her old car was about to die and she did not want to drive to new orleans every day in it. we should have waited longer, but i did not want sarah to get stuck on the side of the interstate one day.

on a side note all the major oil companies had their highest profits ever, breaking all their quarterly records.

02 November, 2005

Saints Game

This weekend I'm going to see the Saints play the Bears in Tiger Stadium. Why? Well, I like football, the Bears were my childhood team, and this is the last time I will probably be able to drive down the road to see some NFL teams play. The Saints are off to Los Angeles in the near future and are playing all of their games in San Antonio next season. I know I will leave the game happy watching the Saints do things that just do not happen in a normal football game. And when the Saints are playing horrible and I start to think I might have wasted 25 bucks, maybe I can look at the Bears and remember all those years I would run around outside in my Walter Payton Jersey day dreaming I would play for the Bears one day.

01 November, 2005


Ben had his first Halloween last night as Tigger. He made it till 8pm and the he went to bed. He was out cold, slept from 8pm to 3am this morning. That is the longest he has slept yet. Also he loves elmo, he has a little elmo hand puppet and he laughs and laughs at it.