04 November, 2005


there should be tax breaks and other kinds of incentives to get people to buy Hybrids. also the motor companies need to market them more, I think every company has one now, but you never hear about them. toyota is about all I ever hear about or see ads for. we tried to get a prius last year when sarah started working in new orleans, but it was near impossible since the dealership only had like 2 at a time and they would be sold before the ever got to the lot. sarah could not wait since her old car was about to die and she did not want to drive to new orleans every day in it. we should have waited longer, but i did not want sarah to get stuck on the side of the interstate one day.

on a side note all the major oil companies had their highest profits ever, breaking all their quarterly records.


  • At 04 November, 2005 17:50 , Anonymous Brian AKA Brian said...

    I just got a toyota corolla about 2 months ago...man this thing has some serious fuel economy under the hood. Im getting about 38+ on the highway and maybe 28 or so in the city. With gas prices like they are these days...im glad i have this car. My poor honda civic finally died a brutal death of transmission failure and was gonna cost me around 3K to get it back up and running. Screw that with 180K on her...i just sold her to the mechanic that quoted me the repair bill.

    Yeah next car I get will be a hybrid or hopefully something more advanced.


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