07 November, 2005

CBS and NBC offer shows 'on demand' - MSN Money

I guess this is not good for us TiVO users. If these Big Media Coporations can get money off of a service similiar to TiVO then I believe this is the begining of the end for personal DVRs.

CBS and NBC offer shows 'on demand' - MSN Money: "

Two US broadcasters, CBS and NBC Universal, have signed deals with cable and satellite operators to make top-rated television shows available for 'on demand' viewing within hours of being aired. The shows, which ...
NBC Universal and DIRECTV Announce First Ever On Demand Deal for ...


  • At 08 November, 2005 20:32 , Anonymous Brian AKA Brian said...

    Bittorrent has been offering them 'on demand' for awhile now, hahah. Have you gotten into any DVD authoring yet?

  • At 09 November, 2005 07:26 , Blogger Thomas said...

    yeah, I get shows I really like on demand off mIRC. But I like being able to record with the TiVO and watch it on my TV whenever. I cant really watch TV like I use to now that we have Ben crawling around. Plus my Desktop has been down for over a year and I dont like watching stuff on my laptop.

    I have not done any DVD authoring, have you?

  • At 17 November, 2005 16:38 , Anonymous Brian AKA Brian said...

    Yep ive been taking all the downloaded episodes of lost,smallville and invasion and putting them on DVD with the front UI and everything. right now im using NERO to author the DVDs but imma have to find something better cause there isnt alot of control over some of the finer settings.


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