02 December, 2005

crappy computer

I had to take my notebook back to Best Buy tonight since the hard drive has decided to quit working for the third time. I was all excited because I actually bought one of the extended warranty things that I have always thought was a rip off. It states that if you bring back an item for four service repairs that the item is considered a Lemon, well it was my fourth time.... woohoo. Let's see:

1. hard drive is crap
2. CD drive is crap and hard drive is crap again
3. ram is crap

so they replaced my hard drive twice, replaced my CD drive, and replaced my ram. I got happy a little too early...I quickly find out that it is only considered junk when they say so, when they considered what they have fixed to be normal malfunctions(huh?) or just bad computer parts. it is only a service repair if the computer parts are bad, so I could bring my piece of crap back 50 times and they could consider only three of those trips as a true service repair. I was pissed of course, but now as long as I can have it back for another good five months I will be happy, I guess.


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